Financial Aid Assistance /Subsidized Care

Child care-related matters can and often do affect the daily routine of parents in the workplace. Finding a way to pay for child care so that parents can keep their jobs or train for better jobs is a constant challenge for many working families. That’s why Workforce Solutions helps eligible working families pay for child care. Please contact Workforce Solutions (WFS) directly to apply for coverage. The decision on whether you qualify and the amounts your must pay are determined entirely by WFS. Once you qualify and you notify them of which school you will be attending (which will hopefully be The School of Grace & Early Learning, LLC ), WFS will contact us to authorize and start care. Parents who qualify for subsidy have an on-going obligation to regularly update and respond to inquiries from WFS. Failure to do so on a timely basis may cause you to lose your subsidy. Failure to pay your share of the tuition to The School of Grace  will also cause you to lose your subsidy from WFS even if you move to another school.