Prekindergarten 4 Program


Our  Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are for children that have already turned four years old. We offer both a full day Pre-K program as well has 1/2 day Pre-K program for children that also attend the Alief 1/2 day Pre-K program. The children attending our full day Pre-K program wear a basic uniform of khaki pants/shorts/skirts along with Burgundy tops.

The Grace School curruiculum follows a daily activity format that matches the ever-changing needs of each rapidly developing child! Each age group has a separate curriculum that is specific to their educational and emotional needs, interests, and activity level. The Grace School, curriculum meets learning objectives that helps every child move towards their potential by providing small and large group time activities, along with innovative activities.

Curriculum & Activities


Studies have shown children learn best through play. Our Preschool classroom is developmentally designed to encourage children to learn through,observation,exploration,verbalization, hands-on experiences,cooperative play, as well as self directing learning.

Visual Arts, Music,& Performing Arts


Music, art, foreign language, and physical education are part of the integrated cultural curriculum. Children also experience the basics in geography, history, and life sciences in the primary classrooms.